• Tire crumb rubber in soil surrounding artificial turf fields: Hosle, Nadderud og Føyka artificial turf fields, Norway 

      Coutris, Claire; Rivier, Pierre-Adrien; Fongen, Monica; Treu, Andreas; Joner, Erik (NIBIO-rapport;7(79) 2021, Research report, 2021-04)
      The presence of tire crumb rubber particles in soil surrounding three artificial football fields in Asker and Bærum municipalities, Norway, was studied. Concentrations of crumb rubber particles in soil were found to be high.
    • Use of biochar for green roofs 

      Rivier, Pierre-Adrien; Hanslin, Hans Martin; Joner, Erik (NIBIO-pop;8(21) 2022, Journal article, 2022-08)
      Green roofs are increasingly being used to meet the challenges of extreme rainfall and surface water management in cities and towns. Biochar is a locally sourced and carbon-negative material that can be used as a substrate ...
    • Økologiske effekter av skogbrann 

      Joner, Erik; Kjønaas, O. Janne (Glimt fra skogforskningen;7-2004, Others, 2004)