• A Contractual perspective on the Norwegian Agri-food sector 

      Hegrenes, Agnar; Borgen, Svein Ole (NILF Notat;2005-6, Research report, 2005-05)
      The Norwegian agri-food sector is under transformation, and as part of this the contractual relations between the various parts of the sector are rapidly changing. The purpose of this paper is to answer two questions: • ...
    • Agency Problems in Norwegian Agricultural Cooperatives 

      Borgen, Svein Ole (NILF Working Paper;2002-3, Research report, 2002-01)
      The article evaluates the usefulness and shortcomings of agency theory as a framework for discussing the future of Norwegian agricultural cooperatives. The first argument is that agency theory ignores the significance of ...
    • Changing the Codex: The Role of International Institutions 

      Veggeland, Frode; Borgen, Svein Ole (NILF Notat;2002-16, Research report, 2002-03)
      In this article, we present an empirical account of how the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), as an intergovernmental body, has changed after being referred to in the SPS Agreement of the WTO as the reference point for ...
    • How Can Transaction Cost Economics Add to the Understanding of New Contractual Formats in the Norwegian Agri-food System? 

      Borgen, Svein Ole; Hegrenes, Agnar (NILF Notat;2005-7, Research report, 2005-05)
    • Markedet for hjortekjøtt - en undersøkelse av marked og markedskanaler for hjortekjøtt i Norge 

      Kjesbu, Erland; Svennerud, Mads; Nymoen, Charlotte; Borgen, Svein Ole (NILF Notat;2005-13, Research report, 2005-12)
      Formålet med notatet har vært å sammenfatte relevant markedsinformasjon om hjortekjøtt. Dette skal gi hjortenæringa (produsenter og foredlere av vilt og oppdrettet hjortekjøtt) et bedre beslutningsgrunnlag for videre ...
    • New Theories on Cost Management 

      Borgen, Svein Ole (NILF Working Paper;2001-13, Research report, 2001-03)
      The purpose of this working paper is to review the new theories on cost management, particularly addressed by the so-called “Relevance Lost”-perspective. This perspective is developed by the two American professors of ...
    • Rethinking incentive problems in cooperative organizations 

      Borgen, Svein Ole (NILF Working Paper;2003-25, Research report, 2003-12)
      Many students of cooperative organizations have underscored that cooperatives are plagued by substantial incentive problems, so that members do not bear the full impact of their individual choices. It is argued that incentive ...